Friday, August 13, 2010

South American Mission 2010

The following is a journal kept by Dr. Lun Hangfu, as he recorded the rollercoaster experiences from his recent mission to Paraguay and Brazil in July 2010.
Monday, July 5, 2010
We decided to visit another Chamacoco village, Port Karcha Bahlut.

We have never been here but for the past five years we have received requests from them for help. This village had about 40 families with 120 people. It was well organized with some agriculture and herding, and better housing than what we had already seen. It was mostly children that attended our clinic because the adults were afraid. We are the first foreign doctors to visit the village and they are scared of dental pain.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
We moved to the third village down the river at Porto Esperanza, with a population of 900 people. Again, they were very poor with no electricity or running water. The lineup never ended and we were forced to stop when the night fall came. About 700 to 800 patients were treated in the last four days.

We thought we had one more working day but we were surprised when the boat had to leave because we were misinformed that the rental was for five days instead of six.

Many of the local residents and children came to the shore to wave goodbye. It will be another year before we return.

We thought we came here to help the local with their health care problems but we found beauty in this land and genuine smiles on their faces as God graced them with gift of life under such harsh condition. They exemplified existence of humanity in its best.

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