Friday, August 13, 2010

South American Mission 2010

The following is a journal kept by Dr. Lun Hangfu, as he recorded the rollercoaster experiences from his recent mission to Paraguay and Brazil in July 2010.

Saturday, July 10, 2010
The mayor and the Presbyterian Church were very organized in every detail from patient registration and selection, transportation, and our daily meals. They published our medical and dental mission in the local newspaper and the rest you can imagine.

We set up nine dental stations, one medical doctor, one optometrist and one acupuncturist. There were long line ups and a lot of hard work.

Many volunteers declined evening church service because they were very tired. Dr. Reavell, his wife and I represented HMO. The church service was lively and had lots singing. The translation was poor and sparse but it was enjoyable.

Sunday, July 11, 2010
I was surprised to find out that the clinic would only open until 1 p.m. because many locals wanted to watch the final match of the World Cup. Furthermore, all our Brazilian doctors are leaving too because they are going back to Sao Paulo. That means we will only operate the dental clinic for Monday and Tuesday.

The dental clinic did not finish until 3 p.m. because many last minute patients and emergencies showed up.

We went to a local establishment for the soccer match and walked about Capao Bonito. Some enjoyed their brief shopping experiences.

I had to attend the evening church service for three hours with no translator. It was an experience.

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